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Collision tour

Collision tour FX091 - 2016

1 – 100% white puzzle
2 – Via continum
3 – Beautiful old Betty
4 – Wagma
5 – Mr Investigator
6 – Chinatown
7 – The wedding
8 – Flexible
9 – Versus
10 – eyes in Axis
11 – Volfoni’s revenge
12 – Firedamp


The first steps of EZ3kiel go back to 1999 and the “Equalize it” Ep. Since the beginning of the band there has been a great desire to look further into the visual aspect of their music. More and more refined and mature compositions were released as “Handle with Care” (2001) and “Barb4ry” (2003). Ez3kiel could now be defined as a band made of mixtures, anachronisms and musical experiments. Taking their research into hip-hop, dub and electronic music one step further, EZ3kiel creates a dimension where beauty and melancholy are easily hustled with violence and cruelty and in which music and visuals are always very tightly interconnected.

On stage, the efficiency of EZ3kiel resides in their power to surprise. Indeed, music takes shape in imagery and mirror plays in a dreamy aesthetic, in which the baroque of the Renaissance is revisited in a futuristic way. The elegant sound and visual performances make EZ3kiel one of the most exciting band on the French electronic music scene.

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