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African Arcade

African Arcade FX993 - 2016

1 – 167
2 – choon
3 – The Bombs
4 – Game Drive


Sun is coming back,and so are Sibot and Spoek, pleasing your turntables with their new EP African Arcade. In 2006, Sibot had impressed audience with Cape Town Beats box set including 2 of his singular albums and teeming with wide and innovative ideas, “Fuck’n’Rad” and “In With The Old”.

Following up, he creates Playdoe with MC Spoek Mathambo. Duet’s renown grew very fast right away, thanks to eponymous EP release where booty-bass fight with breaks on old-school layer back. Rightly greeted by global criticism, this South-African electro-hip-hop fresh air rushed to Europe to shake dancefloors with samples, scratches, mpc, vocoder and impeccable flow.

These 4 news tracks are brilliantly connected and take you off in a sonic roller-coaster made of ghetto-house, breaks and hip-hop leaded by charismatic MC flow.

Missing FX! No tracks available.

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