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Entrer dans la couleur

Entrer dans la couleur FX148 - 2019

  1. Entrer Dans La Couleur
  2. Overmars
  3. Sahar & Lorca
  4. La Réalite Ultime
  5. Ici Vole Velvi
  6. Le Cube
  7. Mantract
  8. Punk Up

Alain Damasio & Yan Péchin

An event awaited for 15 years! Much more than an audio book, a real soundtrack composed by Alain Damasio and Yan Péchin to accompany the publication of the long-awaited novel Les Furtifs.

Les Furtifs is a science fiction novel, which borders on the marvelous-fantastic, and depicts living creatures made of « flesh and sound » who live among us, in the blind spot of our fields of vision. It is a novel which grants a fundamental primacy to sound and music since the « stealthy » are born and unfold around a thrill, that is to say a vibratory melody, of great vitality, around which they are built, metabolize the surrounding environment and are constantly metamorphosed.

Extending the novel with and album, redeploying the literary universe by voice, carrying it to music, was therefore evident in the very theme of the book.

In addition to developing coherent and powerful imaginations, Alain Damasio‘s writing has always been extremely physical. It favors a very sonorous approach to language, which it bases on multiple games of assonances and consonances, by treating phonemes as colors, materials, textures and relying on strong, motor syntaxes, at very rhythmic periods, specific to each character in the novel. The resulting texts have a marked musical dimension that the voice allows to restore in all its breadth.

A disc-universe which restores, over the titles, both the narrative dimension of the novel (key scenes, dramatic tensions like Le Cube, Sahar and Lorca, Ultimate Reality) than its imaginary and poetic dimension (Transfusion, Overmars) without putting aside the political values carried by the book, in particular its vitalism and its radicalism. Musically, Yan Péchin carries right through and through the entire album. He architectures the pieces, composes the structure, he chooses the textures, the melodies, the harmonies, relying on a dozen guitars (acoustic, classical, electric, dobro, bass…) who are so many personalities, and whose he draws, through his pedal set, his magic rack of effects, possibilities so extensive that he can make his strings sound like an organ, a violin, a drone, a tablecloth, a beat, directly and in live condition.

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