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B. Sharpa

B. Sharpa FX084 - 2016

1 – Epoch (ft. Tebs)
2 – Calling’ it quits (we’re here)
3 – Sick’n tired (ft. Archetypes)
4 – Off The Rails
5 – Statement (ft. Konfab)
6 – Avant garde (front line)
7 – B to the E
8 – Hegemony
9 – Ken Illworth (interlude)
10 – Chech the evidence
11 – Critical mass
12 – Genocide awards
13 – Why (ft. Wordsworth)

Ben Sharpa & Pure Solid – 4DLS

Definitely one of the greatest MC of our time, Ben Sharpa has achieved to turn the release of his album into a major event. This eponymous album put on a line loud sounding bombs, led by Sharpa’s wild and stylish flow, sat on warlike basses. And even if his musical path remains one of a kind, Ben Sharpa can also pay homage to the artists he respects, with references toVirus Syndicate or Roots Manuva.  Ben Sharpa is proudly standing on its own place, right between US Hip-Hop and UK Grime, and alledgely contributes to our label’s motto : building bridges between musical genres.

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