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Bass Shower

Bass Shower FX980 - 2016

1 – Waterfall
2 – Tribal Meetings
3 – Wicked and Wild
4 – In Sect


Member of the High Tone band in quality of DJ, Twelve is designated as guilty for the foray in the World and Electronic musics’ territories and the famous and devastating scratches of the group from Lyon. His strong tastes from a very rooty dub to the steppas can’t hide his love for hip-hop, breakbeat, jungle music or the drum’n’bass.

After releasing in 2003 a series of four maxi singles and one album, Twelve is coming back today with an EP « Bass Shower » released exclusively for the Disquaire Day, where bass, downtempo and dub are meeting. A beautiful EP proving Twelve’s skills in electronic music. Listenable in the living-room or under the shower (his collector soaps will remind you that Twelve’s music is good to listen).


Missing FX! No tracks available.

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