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Berlin Eggsile

Berlin Eggsile FX096 - 2016

1 – Aller Anfang ist schwer
2 – Erosynthicization
3 – Virtuelle Reise nach Spanien
4 – Lost in a vortex
5 – Orgiastic freq
6 – Chiming radio
7 – Pauses into silence
8 – Produit d’appel
9 – Watch da step
10 – Stiff climb
11 – Papier bristol
12 – Delicate burns
13 – Der Katzenjammer

L’Oeuf Raide

L’Oeuf Raide no longer has to be introduced. He leads with determination his projects since his first EPs in year 2001. Untiring fighter, you must have seen one of his numerous live set from Paris to Berlin, where he has just moved last year. Once again he blends all genres from break-beat to jungle, noisy effects and abstract hip-hop, but always bringing his particular electronic touch, making “Berlin Eggsile” a colourful and unpredictable album away from all kind of fashion.

Missing FX! No tracks available.

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