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Burning Before Sunset

Burning Before Sunset FX097 - 2016

1 – There Is A Wind
2 – Ignore
3 – Only Lost In The Sound
4 – Smoke In Our Minds
5 – Bull’s Ass
6 – Don’t Ask Me Why
7 – Possibility Of Love
8 – Plain White Butterfly
9 – The Tower To Eternity
10 – My Legs, My Arms, My Mind & My Brain
11 – Invisible Click
12 – Hope Of Utopia

Brain Damage

Already over 10 years that Brain Damage asserts its identity through choices : sometimes drastic by concepts, collaborations, mixes or graphics, their main idea is to constantly challenge themselves to ensure their own style’s transformation which has become undefinable. One thing is established: Brain Damage does Brain Damage. It’s obvious, these risk-taking sequences are what have kept the duo bass /machines alive all these years, to raise their audience interest, sometimes dumbfounded by sudden and unexpected directions. Now identified and respected by the world electro/dub scene Brain Damage exported more and more itself. It was produced on stage in over 20 foreign countries. After more than 500 concerts, everything still seems to oppose the studio experiments, “brain” side, to the stage, where sensations become physical, sub-bass almost felt and battle without mercy against the machines endless harshness… Recently, the energy displayed on stage was captured by the Jarring Effects label demand (High Tone, Ezekiel…) with whom the duet has worked for already 5 years, leading to a live album release. March 2010 will see the 5th album : “Burning Before Sunset” still in collaboration with Jarring Effects. What will be the colour, the content, the concept? As usual, the suspense is over: everything will defy fashion and trend.

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