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Colony Collapse

Colony Collapse FX1104 - 2016

1 – Colony Collapse (featuring Nova)
2 – Colony Collapse (Beats Antique remix)
3 – Colony Collapse (Squeaky Lobster remix)
4 – Colony Collapse (L’Oeuf Raide remix)
5 – Colony Collapse (Fletcher In Dub remix)


A year ago Filastine released £00T, his third thesis of outernational urban sound, to huge critical acclaim. The album came with award-winning video clips, a
contraband utopian currency, and a hundred-city tour across Europe, Asia, North America & the Middle East.

To bring £00T closer to the dancefloor we invited a gang of creative producers from across the world to tear up the album. LOOTED is a deep journey into an
uncharted sound between trap, dubstep, bollywood, juke, dancehall, and a dozen forms of more traditional music. We at Post World Industries don’t love borders
– not between lands, not between people and definitely not between musics. It’s clear that all the remixers share our philosophy, delivering up a broad selection of
bass music; the only unifying themes might be adventurousness, hyper drums, and tremendous amounts of low-end pressure.

Both sides of the vinyl start with banging remixes of Circulate False Notes, provided by Post World Industries newest artist The Clerk (album coming soon) and fellow Barcelona resident Suckafish P. Jones. A few tracks later you hear Delhi’s Nucleya bend the song in a uniquely subcontinental direction. Other contributions range from Unkwon’s cavernous soul version of No Step to Niveau Zero’s distorted squelching version of Skirmish. Copyflex somehow flips the dark harmonies of Gendjer2 into a tropical bashment bounce, and don’t miss the epic rework of Colony Collapse by Italy’s bass music pioneers Aucan.

Circulate False Notes is not just a song title, but a call to counterfeit, to sabotage unjust economies, to invent new currencies. In that spirit the vinyl art is designed as the matching coin to £00T’s paper money, and PWI is manufacturing a metal coin with a download link to the album.

Missing FX! No tracks available.

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