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Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb FX089 - 2016

1 – Singularities
2 – Fitnah (feat Jessika Skeletalia Kenney)
3 – Hungry Ghosts (feat Wire MC & ECD)
4 – Bitrate Sneers
5 – Desordenador
6 – No Lock No Key (feat Dj Collage)
7 – The Sinking Ship
8 – From The South to The West…
9 – To The Motherfucking East
10 – Blung
11 – Con Las Manos En La Masa (feat Maleno D’alessio)
12 – Stereofonic Streetscape Blowout
13 – B’Talla (feat Rabah)
14 – Marxa
15 – They Move Like Somnambulists
16 – Strategy Of Tension
17 – Como Fugitivos (feat. La Perla)


Grey Filastine is a producer/percussionist based in Barcelona but rarely found there. Among his 60+ gigs last year you might have caught him at a London club, on a junk raft floating down the Mississippi, at a tiny breakcore party in Osaka, or in front of forty thousand at a Casablanca festival. In any context it gets riotous – Filastine bangs out his music, jumping between a tangle of electronics, acoustic percussion, and an amplified shopping cart, firing off riddims and synchronized live video.

Filastine’s 2006 debut album “Burn It” made inroads among music fans from the hip-hop, world, electronic, and experimental scenes. The album peaked at #15 in France’s national independent radio charts, and it received airplay from Mary Anne Hobbes & John Peel. The CD was snatched up and re-released by French label Jarring Effects, Japanese label Romz, and US anarcho-collective Crimethinc. With his sophomore album, “Dirty Bomb”, Filastine’s gritty soundclash of urban rhythm returns.

Freely splicing dubstep with balkan brass or hip-hop with bollywood, Dirty Bomb is partying in the mud puddle of our increasingly polluted world. Kicking drums beat out rapid patterns for dances yet to be invented. Rich acoustic strings merge with programmed synths.

Listen to “Fitnah” ifyou’re looking for an evidence that a song doesn’t need to be in English nor in 4/4 to be a mesmerizing pop wonder. Each vocal here resulted from an on-site collaboration : aboriginal Australian Wire MC and Japan’s ECD (indie hip-hop icons of their respective countries) rap over the contorted crunk of “Hungry Ghosts”. Teen gypsy “La Perla”, recorded in a squatted cave in Granada, is closing the album.

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