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Dub to Dub

Dub to Dub FX141 - 2018

01 – Ondubground – The Orientalist Remix
02 – Panda Dub – Raagstep Remix
03 – Mahom – Rubadub Anthem ft Pupajim Remix
04 – Alpha Steppa _ Dub Dynasty – Urban Style ft Martin Campbell Remix
05 – Jacin – Zentown Remix
06 – Adi Shankara – All This Things Remix
07 – Radikal Guru – Until The Last Drop feat Shanti D Remix
08 – Dub Engine – Emperor Dub Remix
09 – Tetra Hydro K – Enter The Dragon Remix
10 – Mayd Hubb – Afraid Of Nothing Remix
11 – Rakoon – Dirty Urban Beat Remix
12 – Full Dub – Glowing Fire Remix
13 – Alpha Steppa _ Dub Dynasty – Urban Style ft Martin Campbell Dub Remix
14 – Ackboo – Echo Logic Remix
15 – Roots Raid – Dry feat Shanti D Remix

High Tone

For their twentieth anniversary, High Tone decided to open his repertoire at 12 Dub artists of the new generation: Panda Dub, Ondubground, Mayd Hubb, Tetra Hydro K, Full Dub, Rakoon, Mahom, Jacin (Ivory Coast), Alpha Steppa (UK), Dub Engine (Italy) and Radikal Guru (Polish).

Unmissable figure from a certain European underground, disciple of the “do it yourself” reasoned, committed and yet often without word. High Tone has built a new kind of music, with patience, intelligence but always connected at their public, at their root. They started to the Dub, for shape their own universe that is wide and complex but always accessible. Their collaboration gives them originality and renewed.

Printed by the techno-dub at the beginning, High Tone has made the terminology and influence evolved.  They use the dubstep before that the term existed. To became now inspiring and figure of Bass Music. Their kind of music can be resuming like a crossroads between drum and bass, dub, glitch hop and other audacious way follow by the Lyon group. Never unmoving and always fix in the present, and in research of newness.


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