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Empire Soldiers Live

Empire Soldiers Live FX127 - 2016

1 – Letter Home
2 – Youts To War
3 – Youts To Dub
4 – Do U Remember?
5 – Do U Dub?
6 – Muchât
7 – Kings Engine
8 – Dub Engine
9 – Sufferation
10 – Sufferation Dub
11 – Neuve Chapelle
12 – Siege Of Kut

Brain Damage

The issue that was here discussed extends way beyond a mere meeting : the presentations between the artists have been made a long time ago, through lots of remixes and co-bill live sessions. This momentum was a matter of the transient collision of their respective universes, for a live tour and a epic LP entitled
Empire Soldiers, giving rise to a third entity, unclassified until then. Vibronics and Brain Damage teamed up and decided to come together around a concept, a narrative inspiration that will undoubtedly surprise : Anglo-Caribbean and Franco-African soldiers’ experience during the first world war. The academic historian, poet & songwriter, Madu Messenger, uses the product of years of study and research, to develop, within that very framework, a series of texts on some key topics such as travel, friendship, war and death.

This project thus aims at offering a learning experience about this often little-known period of our history. The tour perfomed in 2013 and 2014 was another occasion to prove it thanks to 49 dates across several europeans countries (such as Switzerland, Romania, United-Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Croatia) and famous festivals like the Dour Festival or the Mundial Festival. Therefore, the idea to release a live album of that epic performance was completely obvious to keep these unsung heroes alive in minds.

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