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Erotic Market EP

Erotic Market EP FX987 - 2016

1 – Erotic Market
2 – Identity
3 – 30 Seconds
4 – Rumblin’
5 – Identity (Spitzer Remix)
6 – Rumblin’ (Victor Remix)
7 – Rumblin’ (Bongo 808 Remix)

Erotic Market

«Erotic Market is a white neon light in the dark. At first, the eye is aggressively drawn in; then it gets used to the luminous imprint, which is so powerful that, even with eyes closed, it’s the only thing that can be seen. Erotic Market is fluorescent, saturated, dynamic and clashing. It’s as greasy and unsubtle as a tray of fish and chips.»
As former N’Relax talent scouts, Marine Pellegrini and Lucas Garnier laid the foundations for Erotic Market in the summer of 2011. A new musical project as striking as it is intangible, Erotic Market bridges the gap between disparate genres, weaving between coldwave, R&B, electronica and trip-hop relics, leading us astray in a maze of deliciously blended pop.

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