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Unplugged FX155 - 2020

  1. Balad Of Lake Pearl
  2. Volkino
  3. Squeeze Me Like a German Cake
  4. Aubenblick
  5. Ode Tu Futu

Eustache McQueer

After their first album Lake Pearl in 2019 on Jarring Effects, the duo Eustache McQueer changes his register and explores guitar compositions and vocals in acoustic version.

It is always with the idea of ??challenging and moving their audience that the duo takes hold of a classical guitar on one side and a raw voice, without retouching, on the other, with references musicals ranging from swaying bossa ballads to German lieders. The subtle musicality of Laurent Dratler‘s compositions accompanies the voice of Joël Defrance. An attentive acoustic album punctuated by stories ranging from the intimate to the collective, with songs that tell stories of plural love, revolt or wandering.

From this obvious complicity emerges a universe of tangy and melancholic sensations, specific to the queer aesthetic of Eustache McQueer. An ode to simple and free sensuality.

Missing FX! No tracks available.

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