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Evolve FX156 - 2021

  1. Octopus
  2. Aquatic
  3. Nemo
  4. Water For Life
  5. Allo
  6. Sea Horse
  7. Ultra Abyssal
  8. Subtil
  9. Diving
  10. Music Is A Game
  11. Oceans


This year, Uzul is releasing his first solo album Evolve with techno and bass music accents on Jarring Effects label. A colorful record that breaks boundaries between music styles.

In the early 1995s, after being a singer in Kaly Reggae Dub and High Tone, he was one of the founding members of the legendary Lyon group Kaly Live Dub, where he was assigned to sampler and effects. After a first side-project in 2007, Uzul is stepping up solo releases on many European labels. At the same time, he founded the breakbeat duo Hybrid Sound System. This exceptional composer with flawless musicality also creates the noise hip hop group Uzul Prod. Then, more recently 4GetMeNot, a project with a techno and UK bass aesthetic. In 2014, he joined forces with another maestro, Molécule, and formed the duo Granit for a 4 track EP.

This all-rounder with inexhaustible creativity, has been a precursor in terms of technique since its inception. Already in 1998, he was one of the first musicians to use an Atari 1040ST as well as Cubase. At the time, he bought his first sampler, associated it with this sequencer and created a live machines, a feat for the time! The memory capacity being ultra limited, he creates everything in real time, which gives him a much more lively way of playing.

The technique but not only. Uzul is also a pioneer in terms of musical aesthetics. He succumbs to the attraction of dubstep as soon as it begins to export from the London suburbs. Very quickly, he established himself as one of the rare live performers in the dubstep scene and was noticed by the cream of the overseas producers with whom he regularly shared the bill. In 2009, the prodigy Skream gave him a remix for Under Pressure, thus saluting a unique hyperactive artist.

This know-how and this head start can be found in his music as well as in his lives. Today he offers a live composed on Ableton Live which he combines with analog. The result is breathtaking, none of his lives are alike since he creates in real time.

With over 11 records on the clock, the desire for a solo album sprouted in the mind of Uzul. The result? Eleven surprising tracks that break the codes and retrace the evolution of his music, his life and his influences. With Evolve, he offers us a resolutely bass music and techno record in which his multiple influences are distilled, from dub to dubstep, including UK bass, tech-house or even trip hop.

The album is scheduled for April 9, 2021, the first Sea Horse single will be released on March 4.

Pre-order vinyl here, limited edition – ecological version*

*Uzul inaugurates an ecological vinyl collection! It is a disc composed of calcium-zinc based granules, sleeve and labels printed on cardboard and FSC paper, vegan ink. The presses are powered by green energy (gas & solar) produced by local suppliers. Shipments are made in sustainable packaging with carbon neutral carriers.

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