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Fleury FX153 - 2020

  1. Ecoute (with Bandéé)
  2. Bandian (with The Notche)
  3. Renouvellement (with Bogota)
  4. Solitude (with Noxbé)
  5. Dounia (with Dayssou)
  6. Maman (with Attilah feat. Neggüs)
  7. Petit-Bocalin (with San-Go Jack)
  8. Exequo (with Azding)
  9. Free Addict (with ABD)
  10. Charmeuse-diabolique (with Saïï-Saïï)
  11. La source des mots (with Fleury)

Fleury & Nicolas Repac

Fleury with Nicolas Repac. A recording halfway between a music album and an audio documentary, between rap, French song and poetry …a free speech exiting the walls of Fleury Mérogis’ jail in Paris.

The eleven tracks describe a series of portraits of an absolute oddity. Bringing together themes as essentials as loneliness, identity development, uprooting pain, the impact of father absence, social humiliation, love and sexual deprivation. But also, childhood nostalgia and the dream of accomplishment and success (in particular via sport…). This album is an authentic achievement – allowing these suffering and drifting souls to experience the vital life force and lifesaving of the liberated poetic speech.

It all started between the high walls of the Fleury Mérogis’ prison when Romain Lefrançois aka SOLLEX, a committed Singer & Songwriter and Nëggus, a Rap & Slam artist, set out to organize writing workshops. The goal: to impulse a dozen French speaking prisoners of all origins by creating personal texts and with the purpose to set it into music.

Questioned by the dimensions at the same time, human, social, political and artistic of the project, the composer Nicolas Repac agreed to be the musical architect of this collective choir. Known in particular for his long-term collaboration with Arthur H, he has a unique talent for singing and grooving machines. With a sound staging designed and manufactured in this context like no other, by these artists like no other…

A project made possible by the Culture Pole of the penitentiary integration and probation service in Fleury-Mérogis.

In collaboration with Mix et Metisse

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