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Half Century Dub

Half Century Dub FX138 - 2017

01 Jahvovia Dub
02 Leave Ya Dub
03 Try A Dub
04 Dub Somebody
05 Long Time Dub
06 Jah Light Jah Dub
07 Babylon Dub Down
08 China Dub
09 Blaze A Fire Dub
10 Hail Up Dub


Vibronics & Conscious Sounds present an album that celebrates 5 decades of Dub Music. Dougie Wardrop & Steve Vibronics present an album that takes classic music from each decade of dub, starting with 1970s Jamaica music right up 2010s worldwide dub sounds. The two prominent UK Dub producers will take each decade in turn, as the listener is catapulted across half a century of roots rocking Reggae music.

This unique dubwise concept album will feature reworking of classic tunes from 1970s, 1980s, new versions of crucial music from the Conscious Sounds & Vibronics back catalogue from 1990s & 2000s and some brand new future dubs for the 2010s. Dubwise music across 50 years.

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