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Highly Complex Machinery

Highly Complex Machinery FX095 - 2016

1 – Highly Complex Machinery
2 – Miracle that glows (feat. M. Sayyid)
3 – Instant Art (feat Jasmine Plüss)
4 – Romeo Echo
5 – World in reverse (feat. Diyala)
6 – Socially Acceptable
7 – Fly (feat M. Sayyid)
8 – Six Clicks
9 – Defiance (feat. Blu Rum 13)
10 – Harmosorus
11 – New Values
12 – Future Shock (feat. M. Sayyid & Blu rum 13)

Reverse Engineering

HCM relentlessly explores wide and eclectic inspiration fields made of experimental electronics, old school hip hop and old movies’ soundtracks, building RE sound basis with amazing samples and mechanisms. First track “HCM”, or “Instant Art” and “Six Clicks” are perfect examples: martial and heady beats on which evanescent female voices (such Jasmine Plüss one, already met on “Duck and Cover”) bring beautiful melodies. Some inventive and prestigious MC’s turn relentless abstract beats into unique hip-hop songs; M. Sayyid (Antipop Consortium) powerful flow dynamites 3 tracks to create retro-futuristic tunes; faithful MC Blu Rum 13 brings his languorous and human flow, and last but not least, young Croatian MC, Diyala, sticks perfectly well her nervous but charismatic and striking lyrics to RE’s powerful metallic beats.

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