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III FX115 - 2016

1 – Into…
2 – …the dirt
3 – Barnsa
4 – Transfiguratio
5 – Kitab
6 – UFO
7 – Evol
8 – Hardware
9 – The dart
10 – Out of the sky
11 – Release the Machine


III is the third album of the trio NAO, but the first to be truly three compounds.

Logical evolution of the band and its universe, we find indeed the already assumed musical influences of Nine Inch Nails or 65daysofstatic as much as dark and cold film directors like Darren Aronofsky.

The sound of this third album is between the organic and the digital: the electronic notes, clear and light, dance over saturated guitars, howling beneath the fierce blows of the battery.

Closed compound, unlike the previous album which was played live before being recorded, III is more indus and rock, but it’s still keeping the electronica side of the first discs.

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