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Lake Pearl

Lake Pearl FX151 - 2019

  1. Ballroom
  2. Froze Toes
  3. Futumomo
  4. Heidi Zombie
  5. Schatzi Stasi
  6. Aegisthus
  7. Lake Pearl
  8. Blick
  9. Skip the Coktail
  10. Queen Size (feat. Erzatz)

Eustache McQueer

Eustache McQueer perfectly combines the sexy and the trash, the wild and the fluorescent.

Identity, freedom, love, sensuality and revolt are essential. After the release of their LP Schatzi Stasi, released in 2017 on JFXLab, inspired by the Berlin years of singer and performer Joël Defrance, the duo is preparing a first album with the label Jarring EffectsLake Pearl.

Lake Pearl is the story of a recent homophobic assault from which the singer gets away with a desire for revenge in the form of hard-hitting and intimate songs.

Between the electronic and punchy production of Laurent Dratler and the high-pitched and lyrical voice of Joël Defrance, an emotional web is sung, sung in English and German, which strolls between the world of a « Ballroom » and that of « Lake Pearl ». If the majority of the notes want to be high, to allow their protagonists and their audience to move on stage, the duo acts like two extraterrestrials in the world around them, in search of answers to their many questions, on manners and earthly love and sexual practices.

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