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Meian FX133 - 2016

01 Along
02 Don’t make me hide (ft. M.Sayyid)
03 A day
04 Blow my dream
05 Life is going on
06 Yougure
07 10 mois
08 Don’t refrain
09 Hakki
10 Not my goal
11 Matsuri


Three years after their latest album « Cruel Summer », r ;satz are back, transformed.

To emphasize this change, the band decided to put a “E” to Erzatz, as if he have find his own identity. Constantly moving, the band is today composed by Takeshi Yoshimura, guitar player, composer and Japanese singer and by Céline Frezza, always producer and sound engineer, but also singer in the band now.

They have called Akufen, High tone’s guitar player, to produce the album and for the musical arrangement. In actual fact, we have come full circle.
Indeed, Akufen gave to Céline her passion for the production, and if she had the willingness to deepened her knowledge by herself, it’s to find her guide again.
The rapper M.Sayyid from Anti pop consortium and Air born audio come to add a hip hop touch, underlying theme of Erzatz’s discography.

Musically, Erzatz wanted to open up new horizons with this album, more folk, minimal, while remaining electronical and abstrackt. Even if we always feel their melancoly, this is more sweet, lightly and affirmed.
Erzatz invite us to dream in a cinematographic trip. Celine’s singing is closer of spoken words , a little beat raw but also sweet, as if she wanted us to accept delusions that she tells.
The songs topics are intimate: homesickness for Takeshi, human relations, trying to accept what we are, where whe don’t know where we go, and Céline’s anxiety, a unending dissonance between us and the others, for both. This permanent counterpoint between rawness of the lyrics and the melody invite us to consider the possibility of an other world.

As the album title Méian (half light in Japanese), nothing is black or white for Erzatz, even pains or joys. There’s only sincerity of our feelings, of our humanity.

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