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Sou Kono Remix

Sou Kono Remix FX970 - 2016

01 – Dabora (by Spoek Mathambo)
02 – Anna (by Simbad)
03 – Koroni (by Mawimbi)
04 – Anna (by Gulls)

Midnight Ravers

Unanimously acclaimed by critics, Midnight Ravers has succeeded to deliver via his second album a complete work, where the image (picture and video), music and live performance animate the soul of a modern & radically changing Mali, where the West and the national cultural tradition mingle with generosity and subtlety.
Proof – if any more was needed– that Midnight Ravers is now a key element of the promising African electronic music. This sexy and sophisticated universe of international references is present in this EP!Each artist has immediately agreed to reinterpret in his own way one of the tracks on the album in order to give shape to this new record of 4 tracks. This album definitely represents modern African musical diversity, so dear to Midnight Ravers.

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