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nÄo FX107 - 2016

1 – Glad
2 – Ilogic
3 – Uusi (V3.0)
4 – Calibrate
5 – Nope
6 – Imago
7 – Mechanical
8 – Somme (V2.0)
9 – Trent
10 – Killing time


Between flight of poetry  and massive rhythmic power, nÄo play skillfully a clear and dark side, inviting us in an electro-rock odyssey in our deepest souls.

For a resolute person who wouldn’t still know nÄo, the adventure begins a decade ago when Pierre-André decides to create the nÄo entity, in 2002

Famous for numerous personal projects and collaborations as AudioUnit project with Peuh ! The music recomposition of the movie Metropolis from Fritz LANG (1927), the musical creation « (R) Evolution » with Marine Thibault – aka Cat’s Eyes & previous flutist  of Wax Tailor – this substential work is associated with Thibaut (drums), Jordan (guitar) and Matthieu (Vjing) ‘s services to found this new electro-rock dream, in the 2010’s beginning.

Discovery of Le Printemps de Bourges in 2010, the band know an immediate ascent going to sign its last album, Éponyme, on the mythic german label Ant Zen (Black Lung, Synapscape, Converter, …) and playing in many venues and festivals in France and Germany (Maschinenfest, WGT, Riddim Collision, Impetus festival, Elektroanschlag, le Hierock Sound, Tryptique, Seconde Nature festival, Eurockéennes).

The éponyme album is published on June, 2012, on Jarring Effects label. With 2500 LP’s sold, nÄo goes into the french electro-rock land.

The band doesn’t refute any influence, Amon Tobin, Clark, DJ Krush, Nine Inch Nails ou 65 Days of Static at the figurehead. Their universe, deconstructed, flirting with noise, industrial, mixes delicate melodies, melancholic and dark rythms, as well on disk as in live.

Moreover, it’s on stage that the project takes scale. Oscillating between contained rage and digital fury, this trio deploy a federative and communicative power which is as well right for a rock public as for electro music’s fans. The synthetic layers, the keyboard arrangements, the guitar noise riffs and skillfully orchestrated videos confer to the set an immersive atmosphere, reminding the sound escapades of their contemporaries Aucan, and the hearing assaults of Ez3kiel on Battlefield.

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