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OutBack FX098 - 2016

1 – Spank (Dub Axiome)
1 – Space Rodeo feat Ben Sharpa (No Border)
2 – Bastard (No Border)
2 – Dirty Urban Beat (Dub Axiome)
3 – Home way (No Border)
3 – Dub what (Dub Axiome)
4 – Propal (No Border)
4 – Liqor feat Oddateee (Dub Axiome)
5 – Liqordub (Dub Axiome)
5 – Uncontrolable flesh (No Border)
6 – Rub-a-dub anthem (Dub Axiome)
6 – Ollie bible (No Border)
7 – 7th assault (No Border)
7 – Fly to the moon (Dub Axiome)
8 – Boogie dub production (Dub axiome)
8 – Altered states (No Border)

High Tone

Three years after impressive «Underground Wobble» album followed up by 100% dub vinyl releases Dub Box and Dub Invaders, High Tone comes back with a new little gem.  Definitely plentiful this fifth album is declined through 2 Cds, as different as complementary, showing how rich and diverse the band’s influences are : Portishead, Scorn, Boogie Down Productions, Lee Scratch Perry, Digital Mystikz, Bästard… Though, those heavy broken bassline, those nervous ethnic scratches or this mystical melodica are impossible to confuse with other artists.

CD 1, « Dub Axiome » offers a dub music always so rich but clearly more turn towards dance-floor. Filled with wicked energy, nu-dub and digital sounds (Spank, Dirty Urban Beat) answer to amazing tunes like “Liqor” featuring New-York MC Oddateee and confirm those 8 tracks will replete international sound-systems.

On the other hand, « No Border » (CD2) creates more cinematic atmospheres where electronic fields are more discrete (Space Rodeo, Bastard, Home Way) and leave more space to acoustic instruments. Tracks are quietly stretched out, tell stories and develop crazy psychedelic trips where only High Tone is able to make you fly.

Out Back will be a masterpiece of the huge High Tone discography so listen to it and pump up the volume.


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