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Self Produced

Self Produced FX997 - 2016

1 – Ghetto
2 – Abeille
3 – Bubble bath clap
4 – Fuck Technology
5 – If I won at the lottery
6 – KOA

Grosso Gadgetto

The Grosso Gadgetto’s hip-hop collective comes back this January with a new “Eponymous” EP, which completed the new Jarring Effects maxi collection. After a promising first album “How long do we have to wait?” released on 2004 (Stepping Razor/Pias) followed by the Maxi “Your Mother Smokes Crack” in 2007 and the maturity’s album “Paranorama” (Jarring Effects/Discograph) in 2008, Grosso Gadgetto: Gonzaleum, Dj Didydee, Switch, VJ Kritikator and Real Fake MC have redefined hip-hop contours with stabbing melodies and abrasive textures near the indus, and a kind of second degree for flow and text. Their very personal sound mixture lead them now on a firmament of a borderline and exciting hip-hop and open to stylistic transgressions which makes Grosso Gadgetto the UFO of the french electro hip-hop.

On stage, Grosso were also noticed for their assumed freak attitude and  post-modern psychedelic visuals which led them to share the stage with big names like Antipop Consortium or Dälek… On the A side of this split EP, three tracks composed by Gonzalezeum (machinery and founder of the project). The opening track “Ghetto” introduces a Scorn-like hip-hop with prestige guests: Eric Aldea (Zero, Deity Narcophony and former Guns and Bastard) to voice and Tit’o on guitar (peck Uzul Prod., Von Magnet, occasional live guitar Oddateee and Dälek) for a noise and tense jubilant result. Ensue “Fuck Technology”, as nonchalant hip-hop and finally “Bubble Bath Clap” hip-hop metal recreation. On the B side is the turn of Didydee (DJ and producer) to make us discover his last tracks with “Abeille” very inhabited song between electro, hip-hop and dubstep, “If I won the Lottery” powerful hip-hop tube and finally “Koa” instrumental digression which competes with DJ Krush’s talent… These six titles introduce the new Grosso Gadgetto’s live and their bunch of new beats, coming soon in free download.


Missing FX! No tracks available.

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