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Short Cuts Live

Short Cuts Live FX094 - 2016

1 – Bok (broj 1)
2 – Children of Palakkad
3 – Mundhu
4 – Fenetres
5 – Mistaken Identity
6 – Sterile (part 2)
7 – Under the ground
8 – Mi Nismo Voda (broj 2)
9 – Cube Dub
10 – Genetic Weapon
11 – Brain Booster

Brain Damage

After 5 albums and more than 400 concerts, Brain Damage finally release their first live album that accurately transcribes how highly powerful their live performance are ! Hybrid, dark and ecstatic, Martin Nathan (machine) and Raphael Thalis (bass guitar) have built since 1999 a very personal music. They approach dub music in a real transversal way, from its original roots to its most contemporary forms, from spoken word (“Spoken Dub Manifesto”) to trip-hop (“Short Cuts), from digital dub (“Always Greener”) to ethno-dub (“Ashes to ashes”/”Dub to Dub”). Brain Damage is able to give at each live performance the illusion of a unique show.

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