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s/t FX086 - 2016

1 – Rosoku
2 – GNP
3 – Kome – éloge de la fuite
4 – Futten
5 – Miminari
6 – Kill Me
7 – Plongée
8 – Carré Sutra
9 – Shinkiro
10 – Yokohamashika

Yokohama Zen Rock

Out of phase and captivating, such could be the first qualifiers of this extremely contemporary album, to discover absolutely!!

A French-Japanese trio, based in Lyon, with a singer (Yoko Higashi) used to various experiments (Her Hama Yoko project is well known from readers of the magazine Wire for example), bass player and machine’s man Spagg (Le Peuple de l’herbe’s member) and the guitarist Takeshi Yoshimura (Azian Z’s member).

Behind a beautiful cover (Illustration of the draftsman/novelist  Roman Slocombe) is hiding a major disc of colourful, electric and mechanical pop, tainted with a sometimes disconcerting naivety for the western ears (texts are in Japanese, the poetry is dark even tortured, the songs are oscillating between sweetness and pain) and with a highly-rated obviousness (simple and effective melodies, sweetened post-industrial cyclic ballads…)

The disc is filled with numerous subterranean hits (the neo trip-hop “Dive”, magnificent and fascinating, the futuristic ballad “Miminari”, the deadly freakypunk “Yokohamishika”), and is undoubtedly an every second delight, the artistic findings (strange collages, epileptic machines, saturated guitars) rub themselves with a certain pop classicism. As a matter of fact, “Yokohama Zen Rock” is a true record of its time : trans-genre, addictive and brilliant.

Viva Yokohama!

Missing FX! No tracks available.

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