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The Swarm

The Swarm FX117 - 2016

1 – Intro…
2 – Worker Bees ft. Buku
3 – Pack Leader ft. Maztek
4 – R The Future
5 – It’s Paul (Skit)
6 – Simmer Down
7 – Dragonfire ft. Savant
8 – Who’s That
9 – Getting Anxious (Skit)
10 – BIMC
11 – Knock It Back ft. Teddy Killerz
12 – Cos We Can
13 – Where’s The Fuxxing Album? (Skit)
14 – Sick Wid It
15 – Sick Em! ft. DJ Muggs
16 – Kickin’ It Up
17 – The Sky ft. Grems & Son of Kick

Virus Syndicate

A sonic sickness spreads throughout the dance: Virus Syndicate have infected and influenced the worlds of electronic music and hip-hop like no other UK act.

Infiltrating every genre with witty, gritty urban clarity. Corrupting every scene with precision produced hybrid heaviness. No corner of the industry is safe from their boundary bashing lyrical lashings. Electro, drum & bass, house, trap, bass and beyond. MRK1, Nika D, Goldfinger and JSD’s collaborative conjurations resonate with all, while standing well and truly on their own.

It’s been this way since they emerged on the impeccable agenda-setting experimental electronica stable Planet Mu in 2005. A move that surpassed all standard grime limitations, it showed scope and promise for the devastation that was about to commence. Less than a decade later and their achievements are matchless: diffusing organically from the north of England to the North Pole, from the USA to the Ukraine, they’ve scored big numbers with every show and every sound… 4.5 million YouTube views (and counting), 11,000 Google hits per month, 100,000 downloads on one track alone, six Top 10s including several Number 1s on Beatport and Artists Of The Week on MTV. The list goes on and on.

Dedicated to pushing the very limits of word play and production techniques, Virus Syndicate have appeared on labels as disparate as Ministry Of Sound to Never Say Die, Buygore to Bomb Squad. And they’ve collaborated with some of the most exciting producers you can imagine; Jaguar Skills, SKiSM, Foreign Beggars, Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs, Rockwell, Buku and many, many more. They’re also the only UK act to be given the green light to cover Pink Floyd’s household hit ‘Money’.

Like all good viruses, their dedication has wildly spread past their own expectations. With two albums – soon to be three – under their belts, the Syndicate have developed to establish something much bigger than their own beats. Setting up EY3 Media and Midication Recordings in 2012, the crew have founded a creative platform for the next generation of talent. Midication is home to some of the most exciting names in electronic music while EY3 is a nurturing ground for all forms of visual, physical and technical artists of the future. Based in the heart of Manchester, it’s the only professional creative centre of its kind in the city.

Infecting and influencing the worlds of electronic music and hip-hop, their sickness sticks well beyond tomorrow: The effects of the Virus Syndicate story have only truly started to kick in.

Mercifully… There is no cure.


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