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Think About Your Future Now

Think About Your Future Now FX109 - 2016

1 – Shadows book (feat. Black Sifichi)
2 – The way of samuraï
3 – Un jour de pluie (feat. Djohn)
4 – Fighting inside
5 – Reloaded
6 – Laissez les hommes pleurer
7 – Final (feat. Djohn)
8 – L. Bishop
9 – Not a game (feat. Ezra)
10 – Urban comics trip

Mat3r Dolorosa

Guitarist and graphic designer, Tristan Spella aka Mat3r dolorosa presents his solo project, the result of a long introspective.

This is with the Kid A (Radiohead) and The Fragile (NIN) albums, the Bjork’s, Massive Attack’s and Dj Krush’s concerts, he starts to get away from her young love to the
guitar as a design tool. Melody and harmony as goals. Self-educated, he begins to sample his compositions (guitar & drums), crushing sound and it results in shaping the foundations of a imaginative music. Here, the stories sound overlap smoothly, with sensitivity as watchword.

His productions, expressive and intense, take place naturally between ambient electronica, abstract hip-hop and electro progressive, not unlike the world of EZ3kiel or
the beginnings of Fumuj. Live, he cooperates with Johnooded (VJ) to retrieve the images of his compositions that inhabit it. He creates an universe as dark as mesmerizing, comes when the golden light piercing the afternoon iced. Great sound travels which mixed clocks, mechanical toys, boat horns, film sets and rhythms of
factory or human body. An epic travel, exciting it is for everyone to take ownership

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