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Time Has Come

Time Has Come FX144 - 2019

  1. Over Your Mind
  2. Conspiracy
  3. Oh Why Feat Yehaiyahan
  4. Earth Breath
  5. Babylon Empire
  6. Real Good Society
  7. Walk For The Future
  8. Ritual Of Death
  9. The Forge

High Tone

Over the past 20 years and hundreds of concert halls that High Tone has visited, the group has always reacted like a radioactive isotope during their lives. Impregnating or rejecting the material, the stage was a field of chemistry for the group in order to experiment with new sounds and new titles. This reflection on High Tone‘s own atom thus went through the album format itself, because long before becoming the seventh album, Time Has Come planned to be the soundtrack of a multimedia and live project.

This experiment started by Ekphrön in 2014 is extended by Time Has Come. It is no longer just a dub, but a clever mix of tones long awaited by early fans but also techno and ambient lovers.

Missing FX! No tracks available.

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