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Vodua FX140 - 2018

01 – Oree Ye Ye Oo ft The Trap Witch (Intro)
02 – Adze Kolo-Voodoo Pu$$y (rawmaster)
03 – Ese Ndor (Ft. JJ Gonami)
04 – Guede Party
05 – Le Za Me (Interlude)
06 – Money
07 – Oya
08 – Vodua (ft Fisha Dread)
09 – Black Magic Woman
10 – Fuck You
11 – Outro – Zokpata


VODUA means the deity. In west African spirituality, everyone has a vodoun head/spirit that guides them through life, and especially in tough decision making processes.  This album talks about the ancestral African Deities in a modern/lighthearted manner. It is also a journey to discover my vodoun head even though its been seen in many readings. It’s also a audio musical (with 3-4 visuals)about African spirituality and how I, as an artist relates to this since i am also a practitioner of Vodoun.

Reference to ‘Vodua ‘ talks about the arrival of the Deity (particularly MamiWata/Oshun). Whenever summoned, so long as the offering is lavish and includes her favorite items, she appears without hesitation.

Reference to a song on the album called Oya which talks and or depicts things that happen when the Goddess (Oya/Kali Ma) comes about, there are storms, lightning, fire, basically, danger lurks everywhere.

References to Adzekolo, which talks about how powerful Ewe vodoun is and how women from other tribes warn their sons not to date ewe girl/women because they tend to forget their lives before the ewe woman.

Reference to the interlude Zo Kpata, which talks about how revered the deity DzaKpata is.

Reference to the song Ese Ndor which talks about a particular rituals which is performed to remove bad destiny, this song is a call and response folk lore.

Reference to the song Black magic woman, depicts the current state of mind for Africans practicing Christianity and how they secretly believe they can get away with harassment, then look down at everyone who isn’t their church member. Harrasing a young woman one day brought them into the shrine of the black magic woman.

Reference to the song Guede party, in haitian vodoun, guede is the spirits from the realms/dimensions of death. Bawon Samedi is the first man to die and be buried, his spirit is the gate keeper of the cemetery. Song talks about his characteristics, family and his ruling of the underworld.

Reference to the intro, Oree ye ye oo, opens as a prayerful chant for mamiwata -Oshun as she is the goddess of the river, who’s symbol is love, cosmic wealth, and peace.

The album is a personal journey documented to hopefully teach or guide others that vodoun is a free spiritual practice while they search their personal path of spirituality. Its also a reminder for those on the path of spirituality to nevervget too stiff, but to remember to always dance.

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