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What You Gonna Do?

What You Gonna Do? FX108 - 2016

1 – What you gonna do? .w/ Zeb McQueen
2 – We a di danger .w/ Learoy Green
3 – Radical plan .w/ Brother Culture
4 – Royal salute .w/ Sir Jean
5 – The armies of darkness .w/ Madu Messenger
6 – No solution .w/ M Parvez aka The Dub Factory
7 – What you gonna do? .version
8 – We a di danger .version
9 – Royal salute .version
10 – The armies of darkness .version
11 – Radical plan .version
12 – No solution .version

Brain Damage

With ‘Ashes to Ashes’ in 2004, Brain Damage took a schizophrenic dive into the dark and cold side of music, somewhat of a counterpoint to their more melodic, harmonious dub reggae. It wasn’t until 2012 when the duo started to move away from the darker side of the musical dichotomy, back to warmer melodies and Anglo-Jamaican influences.

In order to do this, Martin NATHAN – now the sole decision maker chose to invite talented vocalists who could transcend the musical vibes.

Although each artist brought a bit of their respective universes, it’s interesting to see that they all seem to have common concerns that are expressed in their respective lyrics.

While Learoy Green talks about the ghetto youth, Madu Messenger evokes images of financial giants, which Brother Culture proposes to fight with his ‘radical plan’. Meanwhile, Zeb McQueen questions which attitude to adopt in the face of totalitarianism; while Mr. Parvez answers that we have limited choices for action. Sir Jean puts an end to these considerations by asking contemporary artists to pay attention to the words they use, to the roles they should take, and to set an example, especially towards the youth.

« Act within your our own means to change people and things around us » this is the message that Brain Damage want to send with this new album.

A resolutely optimistic musical manifesto to contrast the dark universe put forward for many years.


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