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Whatever Singularity

Whatever Singularity FX088 - 2016

1 – intro / uncertainty of signs
2 – define violence II (feat Eric Aldea)
3 – get me a horse (and i’ll bring you a musicbox)
4 – re : how we are connected
5 – loving calm of your arms
6 – fate of outer planets
7 – we gave vasko away, and the plant is mal
8 – hold that thought
9 – some savage animal, a local feud or an avalanche
10 – whatever singularity
11 – partizanska


Agitators of the Bosnian stage Vuneny have a heavy past in the underground/indie Mostar, between electro-core, pop-evolutionary or avant-garde. The result is an hybrid and clashing blend, between EZ3kiel, Dub Trio and Red Sparowes. A groovy music, expressionist and illustrative. Their third album “Whatever Singularity” is an impressive but delicate building in the omnipresent though never boring nostalgia, an exercise of subtle noise endowed with a merciless black energy. Whatever Singularity is a kind of intimate monument based on deeply electronic tones, coloured with harshness and suddenly spread by instruments of bare hard feelings.

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