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Lionel Rault - All Saints' Day course

"Giving a voice to those who are not heard": This is the project of Point de Chu...t. Born at the Emergency Lodging Center at L'Autre Soie, this initiative took place at CCO La Rayonne for over a year. 15 young people attended weekly workshops as well as workshops to learn writing and music. After a concert last October where they were able to show their work, Slimane Bounia 's documentary film looks back on the highlights of this project full of poetry.


A film for emancipation

The medium-length film focuses on young people as individuals. The question of identity, between France and their native country, is addressed. Some of them come from Albania, or from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and now find themselves in Lyon. Initially introduced to Computer-Aided Music (CAM) through various workshops, their curiosity turned to other aspects of the musical world. Rap has allowed each of them to express and put forward his or her background, emotions and memories. Through writing, they put words on what they have lived to try to describe who they are. By giving them a microphone, a stage and now a film, "Point de Chu...t" puts the light back on those who are rarely given a voice.

The intervention of artists in the creative process

To do this, the teenagers were accompanied by several talented artists. Sharing becomes the key word, within culture and music. Among the Jarring Effects family that supports the project, the rappers ofUltramoule brought their touch to the writing side with Tracy de Sá. À Galant Records (a label dedicated to urban music and backed by Jarring Effects), the beatmaker Exodus was also part of the party. These accompanists allowed them to immerse themselves in different types of urban music. In French as well as in English, the young people were able to discover new musical worlds.

Documentary, Point de Chu...t, creative arts workshops

 Lionel Rault - All Saints' Day course

To see the documentary, a screening is organized on Wednesday February 16th at 6:30 pm at La Rayonne (Villeurbanne).

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