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European Music Industry Lectures

Stimulate your creative process with the tools necessary to develop your career as a musician and artist.

E.M.I.L. (European Music Industry Lectures) is the training center created in 2016 by the label Jarring Effects. It is also the first Ableton certified training center in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region. E.M.I.L. offers professional training on Ableton Live and many other software. These trainings are organized in partnership with Escales Buissonnières, a training organization for professionals in the music and live performance, film and audiovisual industries. 

The objective of our training is to stimulate the student's creative process and to teach him/her the tools necessary to develop his/her career as a musician and artist. Our trainers are all active and renowned artists and producers in their fields, who practice the tools you will be trained on a daily basis.


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May 2023



Numerous funding schemes for professional training can be used for these courses, whether you are an author, an intermittent or permanent employee in the public or private sector, self-employed, or a job seeker. You will find all the information on the Escales Buissonnières website, do not hesitate to contact them by email or phone (06 40 28 54 12) for any question concerning the content of the trainings, their possibilities of financing and the modalities of registration.


Producer, Composer, DJ, Ableton Certified Trainer

Flore Morfin

Omnipresent since the early 2000s and a pillar of the French bass music scene, DJ and producer Flore is both a studio and stage artist. This self-made woman has acquired an excellent reputation thanks to her remarkable performances throughout Europe. In June 2016, Flore became an Ableton Certified Trainer, the first woman in France to obtain this title. She is often solicited to train or coach artists in the elaboration of their artistic project, whether it concerns the studio composition part or the adaptation of their pieces on stage.

Musician, sound designer

Stéphane Bernard

A multi-faceted musician, Stéphane alias Uzul has been working for years to assert his style. Initially in charge of the machines in the electro-dub group Kaly Live Dub, he then launched Hybrid Sound System, a breakbeat duo, then the hip hop noise formation Uzul Prod. At the same time he presents his project 4GetMeNot, with this time a more UK bass and techno aesthetic. Stéphane has been training musicians in M.A.O. techniques for several years and leads several training sessions within E.M.I.L.

Musician, sound technician

Julien Guillot

First known for his breakcore project under the name of Stazma The Junglechrist, with which he has been touring raves and festivals all over the world for ten years, Julien Guillot is also a sound technician, specialized in mixing and mastering. Mix of jungle, hardcord, acid, industrial and many other influences, Stazma's music is crazy and energetic. More than his numerous EPs, it is in live that Stazma's music takes all its scale: frenetic assaults of handmade breaks, filled with a communicative energy. 

Producer, musician, Ableton Certified Trainer

Nil Hartman

A rising star of the French electronic music scene, Nil has been playing his resolutely melodic bangers all over Europe, relying each time on Ableton Live, and this since his first live in 2005. His releases have been playlisted by Justice and Busy P, Mark Ronson, Kanye West... Over the course of a decade, he has used all his energy to perfect his skills. With a solid teaching experience, Nil is an Ableton Certified Trainer since 2020 and naturally passes on his knowledge and enthusiasm.