There is not only Kaytraminé in life, there is Exodus too

Producer Exodus is back with a bang on Galant Records with a new digital EP entitled Patchwork. A title with a free and evocative linguistic singularity, it contains 5 tracks in the form of a hypnotic fresco of emotions. The composer draws his inspiration from various feelings he has experienced in the course of his life and which have particularly affected him. Coming out today, stream it loud!

Exodus : smooth jazz and soul style

Exodus unveils new EP Patchwork. The producer had already made two high-profile appearances on Galant Records, the hip-hop arm of Jarring Effects, for the singles collection Seeds a collection of encounters between beatmakers and rappers that give rise to exclusive creations. After sublimatingElea Brazz 's text on the single Vinylethe producer's smooth, soulful jazzy style was once again at work on an opus with Jay MNG which took the Belgian rapper back to his first love, 90s' New York hip-hop. Now it's time for his new solo opus!

Patchwork : a 5 tracks opus

This new EP opens with Tourbillona track that depicts the feeling of escape. Then comes Idyllean ode to love featuring Erotic Market. It is then the turn of the euphoria to be personified by the title Alinéa before giving way to the feeling of fear with OXC. The EP closes with Aeronef which evokes musically and poetically the nostalgia and the transmission between three generations (the grandfather, the son and the grandson) via a mythical means of transport.

An EP that advocates diversity

PatchworkPatchwork, like a musical research laboratory, brings together a multitude of sounds. This EP is the reflection of a sonic diversity, and is similar to the assessment ofExodus after ten years of musical activism. Patchwork highlights the panel of all his years of experience and wants to be the synthesis of the various processes of creation that the producer experimented and practiced with the numerous artists with whom he collaborated during his career.

Through this marriage of sounds, Exodus wishes to demonstrate that despite the singularity of individuals, mixing is always possible. Patchwork is a sound mosaic that illustrates that no color is more beautiful than another, that everything is a question of personal point of view. Totally humanist, Patchwork is an ode to differences, to mixing and to living together.


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There is not only Kaytraminé in life, there is Exodus too

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