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Everyone knows Detroit, the city bankrupt, a ruin field to the industrial past and glorious music, a spearhead of soul and punk and cradle of techno.

We all know the pictures of Eight Miles and Michigan central station – the monumental and ghostly railway station. And yet, the city is no longer officially bankrupt. But what is the price ? The city center is rebuilt. But for who ? generations of artists continue to appear. Who are they ? Jarring Effects continues the experience of artistic and human meetings between French and foreign artists. The second part of this collection begun in South Africa will take place in 2015 with artists coming from Detroit

2 beatmakers (French and American), 3 rappers from Detroit, 5 featurings, 1 remix for an album, a documentary (52 min), a tour, a wandering exhibition,  cultural meetings but firstly a new look on the city and history


Missing FX! No upcoming live gigs. Check all the JFX live gigs.

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