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In charge of the studio for 20 years, Céline Frezza is a sound engineer, producer and musician. There are as many buttons on her machines as she has strings to her bow. Her reputation is well established. She has mixed more than 200 eclectic albums, from hip hop to electro rock, tropical bass and dub, etc etc. Her specialty: mixing any kind of music with electro, in the respect of the 2 parts! And make it sound fat ! Indeed for 20 years, she has been officiating in the big family of bass music, so subs and bass drums have no secret for her! Always curious of the evolutions, she regularly follows trainings to learn from her own. Her recipe: listen to your music, listen to you, listen to the world news, pass all this through the mill of her sensitivity and her technicality and bring out the best possible sound for you!

She also works in collaboration with Arno Bitschy on the documentary series World Wide Effects for which she is in charge of the whole sound part (field recording, audio editing and mixing). For several years, she composed with Takeshi Yoshimura within the Erzatz project whose last album Meïan was released in 2016. Since Takeshi's departure, she uses the name Erzatz to produce and collaborate with hip hop and song artists (Le Jouage or Eustache McQueer) and for her new project of yoga in music, she officiates under the name Zéline!

References in production

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  • UFO

Schvedranne, Jack Hirschman Ft. Erzatz - To a line by Whitman

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  • Hip-Hop

Awori, Twani - Hold Me

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  • UFO

UltraMould - Hardcore Softcore

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  • Hip-Hop

AWORI x TWANI - Ranavalona

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  • Electro

Paul Boutique feat. Olivya - Kriyé an moé

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  • Techno

Submarine FM - Happiness Manager

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  • Hip-Hop

[SEEDS#14] Eesah X Al20 X NUMEROUS - Tinted

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  • World Sound

Les Mamans du Congo & Rrobin - Sala Sala

References in post-production

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Jazz, portrait of a forgotten soul of Detroit

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Mother City Blues

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Call & Response


The studio equipment

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Digital performer 10

Protools native 10

Focal twin 6be

3X Metric Halo 2882
Amek total recall

UAD quad
Arturia FX collection

Tubetech MP1A
Langevin dual voice combo
Manley variable MU
Focusrite ISA 220 X2
DBX 160 A X2
UAD quad

Lexicon 200

2X AKG 414
AKG 421
2X Neumann TLM 103
2X Neumann 185
2X T Bones ribbon mics
3X senheiser 509
2X DI Avalon lamp
2X Tbones ribbon mic.



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